Cooking essentials (Must Have Kitchen Gadgets)

By Published On: November 1st, 2019

Whatever you cook, wherever you are in the World, it’s essential to have the best gadgets at your disposal for a pain free cooking experience. I like to keep it simple, with a few invaluable items that ensure I keep creating mouthwatering and simple recipes from around the world. Get yours now!

A book cover for kitchen gadgets

There are many items in my kitchen that are essential. Things any home cook should not be without! There to make lighter work of the stuff we love to do. I have handily gathered all said items for your perusal. You can also purchase them for YOUR life (thanks to Amazon). Here are my top 9 kitchen gadgets and equipment that every home cook should have.


Instant Pot

I held off for years, but this little gem makes the best stock and curries using the pressure cooker feature.


Stick Blender

Avoid the mess of a food processor with a stick blender. Essential soups, dips and curry pastes.


Masala Box

Super handy when you’re creating an Indian spread – your essential spices are there in one place. Godsend!


Pestle & Mortar

When you don’t want the mess of a food processor, this ancient solution is still the best!


Rice Cooker

I would NOT be without this gadget in my kitchen or my life. It takes all the annoyance out of cooking rice.


Pasta Roller

Nothing fancy about this gadget, but it makes creating your own pasta at home a reality.


Electric Spice Grinder

Takes all the effort out of pounding curry powders and spice blends using a pestle & mortar. Click & Whizz!


Vegetable Peeler

I’m too uncoordinated to use the other shaped veg peelers. But I can make light work of any carrot with this baby!


Wüsthof Knives

Good knives in the kitchen are essential and I’ve always used my trusty Wüsthofs to get the job done.