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The 50 Best International Recipes in the Cook Eat World

Food is the greatest! No matter where we are in the World, we’re surrounded by the most amazing flavours and aromas. Join me in savouring and cooking some of my favourite international recipes, inspiring me to sample and create everything the world has to offer…

Here at Cook Eat World, I dive into all the food the World has to offer – always endeavouring to experience something new, the next taste sensation. My food obsession is ever growing and evolving, picking up new and exciting dishes from all across the globe. As I learn, I like to share Read more

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We changed our name. Cook Eat Blog is now Cook Eat World!

We’ve changed our name!

You know when something just wasn’t quite right… and it bugged you ever such a little, but you did nothing about it? Well… For years, I’ve kind of been feeling that way about the name Cook Eat Blog. It served me well, since 2010, and seemed like such a good idea at the time. But for such a long time I didn’t truly feel like a name that reflected the breadth of World cuisine that I cook and share.

So… after silently suffering (the struggle is real) for forever, I just changed it!

Hello Cook Eat World!

It’s such a Read more

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What’s the beef? An Infographic from Cook Eat Blog.

Beef is one of the World’s most loved meats – from burgers to stews, steaks to roasts our favourite meat is enjoyed everywhere from the USA to Argentina, Hungary to Thailand and everywhere in-between. Learn a few helpful and interesting facts about our favourite meat with a beef infographic from

Delicious beef recipes

Is beef your favourite meat? I love to cook with it, there are so many delicious dishes from around the world that feature beef! Have you tried Beef Pörkölt from Hungary? A delicious and rich stew guaranteed to warm every inch of your soul. Read more

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Top 10 Recipes of 2020

In a year that saw us all locked up at home, we made the most of a bad situation and cooked up a delicious storm. We’re excited to share the Top 10 recipes from 2020 at Cook Eat Blog!

2020! What a year! Being on lockdown and generally being home ALL. THE. TIME. forced many of us into cooking every day. I’ve always cooked every day, so wasn’t super put off by the prospect. It gave me a chance to cook and more importantly EAT food from all around the world while having no ability to travel anywhere!

Read more

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20 Objects of Desire

A curated collection of must have objects from

We all need to treat ourselves, our friends or family once in a while. Mostly, I just treat myself! I’m always scouring the shops for little trinkets, gifts and treasures. Invariably I have a long list of must-have objects. A gift guide for any occasion. Check out this month’s 20 objects of desire – a curated gift guide for the special people (or you)! Click on the picture to learn more (>links to Amazon) Read more

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18 Delicious Marinades from Around The World for Roasting & Grilling

My 18 Delicious Marinades from Around the World is the ultimate guide to show you how different cultures create complex and mouthwatering flavour combinations to their dishes. And the good news is it’s not difficult!

Marination of a Nation

When it comes to building flavour in a dish, countries around the Globe have all being doing the same thing for Centuries. Soaking food (predominantly meat and seafood) before cooking, to help tenderise and enhance the natural flavour before cooking. Different countries use different ingredients, but they all share a Read more

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