We've changed our name from cookeatblog to cookeatworld

We've changed our name!

You know when something just wasn't quite right... and it bugged you ever such a little, but you did nothing about it? Well... For years, I've kind of been feeling that way about the name Cook Eat Blog. It served me well, since 2010, and seemed like such a good idea at the time. But for such a long time I didn't truly feel like a name that reflected the breadth of World cuisine that I cook and share.

So... after silently suffering (the struggle is real) for forever, I just changed it!

Hello Cook Eat World!

It's such a better name, even though it's subtle. I finally feel that it truly reflects everything I love to cook, eat and blog about - and hopefully it'll resonate with everyone too. I'm finally free of my hasty naming decision!

Keep enjoying the food and be sure to follow me on all my update Socials if you don't already!