The Top 10 International Recipes of 2022

By Published On: December 26th, 2022

2022 saw us cook and eat some incredibly delicious food here at Cook Eat World. And with a big move overseas mid-way through the year, the food exploration hit new heights. It’s been a year of highs, so here’s to the top 10 International recipes of 2022!

the top 10 recipes of 2022 | cookeatworld

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who visits us here at Cook Eat World. It's been a big year for us in a lot of ways. Visitor numbers have exploded and we're now in a great place to share more and more recipes in 2023. Thank you for all that left nice messages and comments about the food I've shared this year.

This year saw me cook and eat some incredibly delicious food and share some of my favourite recipes from all around the world. Throughout 2022 I shared recipes for my favourite dishes from Mexico, Italy, France, Greece, Laos, China, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Morocco! There was a lot to choose from, but I'm including those favourites that received most attention, or just simply the ones I cooked the most, or thought about the most.

What's next for Cook Eat World?

With a big move overseas mid-way through 2022, the food exploration hit new heights and 2023 will see so many of those transform into new recipes for you all. I stayed in Italy for a few months then on to France and Belgium... I've eaten some amazing dishes that are in planning and research stages. I'm still traveling as I write this, so once I'm back on solid ground I'll get cooking. Look out for some amazing Pasta dishes, an incredible French lentil recipe and a deliciously intense Belgian beef stew to name only a few.

So, let's look back at some of the best international recipes from cookeatworld from 2022. In no particular order because, everything is my favourite depending on when you ask me.

A plate of chicken egg foo young with gravy ion a platter with rice and chopsticks

Chicken Egg Foo Young

These fluffy and crisp egg pancakes are one of my all time favourite Chinese dishes. Chicken Egg Foo Young are a little retro, a lot tasty - learn how to make them at home…
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Babi Pongteh |

Babi Pongteh (Malaysian Pork Stew)

The aromatic delights of Nyonya cuisine are on full display in the wonderful Babi Pongteh, a bold, umami burst of flavour with meltingly tender pork and meaty shiitake mushrooms.
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Shandong Roast Chicken with cucumber, chilli and cilantro

Chinese Shandong Roast Chicken

Shandong Roast Chicken is the most intoxicating combination of juicy, crispy skinned chicken, bathed in a sweet and sour black vinegar based dressing. It's heavenly, light, bright, fragrant and super easy to make at home.
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Slices of Pampanella Molisana, bright red slow-roasted pork in paprika on a plate with a fork

Pampanella Molisana (Paprika Roast Pork from Molise)

Pampanella Molisana is juicy slow-roasted pork from Molise, Italy that has the most amazing red hue and smoky, sweet, and spiced flavour. Relatively unknown outside the region, it's beloved by Molisans and visitors alike. Discover how simple it is to create this amazing traditional recipe at home.
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A bowl of paccheri pasta with a rich Neapolitan ragù sauce

Paccheri Pasta with Neapolitan Ragù

Meaty, tangy Neapolitan Ragù is the pride of Campania, Italy. A rich tomato meat sauce made from beef, pork ribs and sweet Italian sausage. It's a hefty slow-cooked sauce fit for a substantial pasta. Paccheri are thick noodle tubes that capture the glossy, intensely flavourful sauce perfectly. It's a delicious combination and wonderfully substantial.
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A platter of zucchini fritters with feta cheese and lemon slices

Turkish Mücver (Zucchini Fritters)

Mücver are a delicious Turkish fritter made from zucchini/courgette. Soft and fluffy with a delightful crispy skin, they're the perfect little appetizer or side dish. Herbaceous, fragrant and utterly delicious morsels of flavour.
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Bengali Rezala Chicken in a black bowl with spoon on a black background.

Bengali Chicken Rezala

This uniquely Bengali curry is a rich, creamy and decadent curry, packed with flavour and a spice to wake up the taste buds. Learn what makes this curry so special, and get the recipe so you can make it at home too...
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Zaalouk, a Moroccan dip or salad on a platter with a spoon

Zaalouk (Moroccan Eggplant Salad)

This rich and vibrant Moroccan eggplant salad is all you need for a burst of flavour and colour to your table. It’s tangy, fragrant and super easy too. Ready to dip into the wonder of Zaalouk?
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A plate of Haydari yoghurt dip, drizzled with olive oil and dried mint with a large copper spoon sit on a marble tabletop

Haydari (Turkish Yoghurt Meze)

A thick, creamy meze dish from Turkey, Haydari is a wonderful accompaniment to any feast. A salty, tangy and herbaceous hit of flavour.
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A bowl of Anchovy Sauce, scattered with fresh parsley.

Anchovy Sauce

Flavour in abundance with this amazing little sauce made from anchovies. A creamy umami laden package of zingy and saltiness that will send your taste buds into overdrive. Learn just how quick and versatile this little kitchen treasure really is.
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The top 10 recipes of 2022 |

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