The 50 Best International Recipes in the Cook Eat World

By Lee Jackson ↣ Published on: December 31, 2021

Food is the greatest! No matter where we are in the World, we’re surrounded by the most amazing flavours and aromas. Join me in savouring and cooking some of my favourite international recipes, inspiring me to sample and create everything the world has to offer…

A bowl of Israeli Cous Cous with beetroot

Here at Cook Eat World, I dive into all the food the World has to offer – always endeavouring to experience something new, the next taste sensation. My food obsession is ever growing and evolving, picking up new and exciting dishes from all across the globe.

As I learn, I like to share what I find – a celebration of international recipes that I call favourites. It’s an ever expanding list, that will never be complete – there’s so much flavour out there, and food is for sharing, right?! Scroll below for 50 of my exclusive and authentic International dishes that I just know you’ll love.

Let’s get this journey in World recipes started…


A cuisine rich in whole foods Afghani recipes feature wheat, and rice alongside fresh vegetables and fruits. With influences from neighbouring Persia (Iran) and India, flavours feature warm spices to compliment a nation renowned for its culinary hospitality.

Borani Kadoo (Afghani Squash Salad)

Borani Kadoo (Afghani Squash Salad)

This is a complete taste sensation - a melange of sweet, savoury and sour. Perfectly tangy and spiced tomatoes coat soft and creamy squash. When topped with a cooling and garlicky yoghurt sauce, this amazing salad becomes one of the highlights of my year so far!
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The land of beef gifts us the Asado Barbecue which demonstrates a complex collection of grilling techniques. A mouthwatering feast of steak and stews. Argentinian recipes show influence from Spanish and Italian immigrants to bring us a diverse collection of flavour.

Punched Potatoes

Punched Potatoes

Potatoes never tasted THIS GOOD! Super easy and insanely effective. Humble potatoes are transformed into a textural sensations. Crunchy exterior and rich, creamy interiors... an absolute revelation. Transform your next potato offering with a PUNCH!
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A small bowl of chimichurri sauce with a spoon sits alongside slices of rare cooked ribeye steak

Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce with Steak

Herbaceous, zingy dressing, drizzled over juicy, tender steak. It's Argentinian heaven!
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From Bangers and Mash to Fish & Chips, Spotted Dick and Roast Beef, the humble cuisine of Great Britain may not be the most sophisticated in the world, but British recipes are close to MY heart as a Brit, and I make them regularly to reconnect to the motherland. As international dishes go… who wouldn’t fall in love with ham & pease pudding!?

A an open sandwich with ham and pease pudding.

Ham & Pease Pudding

A homey, heartwarming staple, close to my British heart - pease pudding is a lentil spread, that marries perfectly with roast ham. A North Eastern British treasure - learn why!
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Fragrant marriages of colour and spice come from this melting pot of Asian influence. A combination of South East Asian and Indian flavours, Burmese recipes are packed with fresh and tasty recipes. Humble, complex and bursting with personality.

A bowl of Burmese chicken curry with fork and spoon

Burmese Chicken Curry

I am compelled to announce that this Burmese Chicken Curry is one of my absolute favourite South East Asian curries to make at home. Why? Where do I begin!?
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A cuisine so diverse, Chinese recipes are some of the finest the World has to offer. One of the planet’s great cuisines, Chinese food gives us every culinary experience imaginable. Soups, stews, wok fried magic and so much more. Chinese cuisine is one of MY most favourite.

A plate of Hainan Chicken Rice with chopsticks. Featuring poached chicken, rice with specks of chicken skin, chopped cucumber and a sprig of cilantro. A small bowl of soup and an asian spoon sits to the side along with two condiments of chilli sauce and a ginger scallion sauce.

Hainan Chicken and Rice

A Malaysian twist on classic Chinese Hainan Chicken Rice, it's my go-to! Light, vibrant, and flavourful—a juicy, healthy, hearty delight in every bite!
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Duck Congee

Duck Congee

A wonderfully creamy, hearty and fragrant hug of meal. Thank you China for this incredibly satisfying and simple dish. It's one of my favourites!
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Balanced and healthy, Cypriot food delivers on taste and flavour in a wide range of recipes featuring vegetables, fish and of course, lamb. The Mediterranean diet is on full show with Cypriot cuisine and a favourite with pescatarians, vegetarians and Vegans the World over.

Cypriot sheftalia on metal skewers on a platter

Cypriot Sheftalia (Pork & Lamb Sausages)

These juicy little morsels of meat are beyond perfect in every way. Meaty, flavourful and so packed with juices you won't believe. Caul fat is the key - learn all about this super-ingredient and why it makes sheftalia so successful!
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French cooking techniques are the masterplan of many restaurants across the Globe. Mind bogglingly complex and wide ranging. Flavour and form are so magnificent, it may be the World’s most successful and universal cuisine. At home, French cuisine is every bit as accomplished albeit simpler – ingredients are king in France, the finer the ingredient, the better the food. Discover my favourite French recipes!

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

A sweet, rich umami burst of flavour sums up this Classic and much loved French Onion Soup. Find out what all the fuss is about with my recipe.
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Asparagus with Dijon Mustard

Asparagus with Dijon Mustard

Earthy asparagus never tasted so good when it's dressed in this sweet, spiced and umami flavour bomb. A simple and fantastically effective little side dish from France.
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Just like Cypriot food, the ancient cuisine of Greece is healthy, balanced and packed with flavour. Humble ingredients are transformed into World classics that we all know and love. For an airy, bright way of eating, Greek food might just be my favourite! Discover my favourite Greek recipes.

A bowl of Greek lentil salad featuring tomatoes, spinach, lentils, feta and red onion

Greek Lentil Salad

Let’s celebrate all the flavours of the Mediterranean with this Greek inspired lentil salad. Nutty lentils are paired with tangy tomatoes, earthy spinach and salty olives and feta cheese. There’s nothing fresher!
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The rich, meat focussed foods of Hungary are amongst some of the most comforting dishes on the planet. Stews, soups and roasts are all on the menu and packed with colour, texture and flavour. The world would be a sadder place without the delights of Borsht, Goulash and Pörkölt – ansd you can disover my best Hungarian recipes right here!

A bowl of Hungarian Pörkölt Beef Stew in a bowl, wrapped in a tea towel.

Pörkölt (Hungarian Beef Stew)

When winter hits, there are few dishes like Pörkölt (Hungarian Beef Stew) that bring as much comfort and warmth. Tender beef in a rich paprika laden sauce is a combination to warm any heart to the core.
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A firm favourite of my diet, Indian food has absolutely everything and more. Rich, light, spicy or mild, it can be anything you want it to be. A vegan and vegetarian playground, Indian food is inventive, surprising and never boring. I have so many treasures it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite. There isn’t a week goes by without an Indian feast at my table.

Achari Chicken in a silver serving bowl

Achari Chicken - Chicken in Pickling Spices

A rich, luxurious curry that is intensely flavourful. Indian pickles, added at the end elevate the flavour into something very special indeed. Learn all the how to...
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A bowl of Indian Black Pepper Chicken Curry

Indian Black Pepper Chicken Curry

An unusal curry from South India using black pepper to create a wonderfully spiced curry sauce.
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South East Asian cuisine is a melting pot of colour, flavour and fragrance. The gamut of culinary sensations is never more evident than in Indonesian food. From rice to curries, stir fries to salads the sweet, spice, salt and sour sensations are at play in this often overlooked cuisine. What’s MY favourite?…

A platter of Indonesian chicken wings garnished with cilantro, chillies and spring onion alongside some lime wedges.

Indonesian Chicken Wings

Sweet, savoury, sticky... the three magic words to describe these magical chicken wings.
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Persian cuisine is one of the cornerstones of Modern cuisine around the World. Influencing Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines alike. A rich tapestry of flavour and fragrance alongside accomplished cooking techniques that inspired chefs across the globe. Ready to discover my favourite Iranian recipes?

Shirazi Salad - a combination of tomatoes, onion and cucumber scattered with dried mint

Shirazi Salad

For a quick bite of colour, flavour and texture this Iranian Salad has everything and more. Shirazi Salad is a crunchy, cool bite that pairs with absolutely everything. Packed with authentic Persian flavours it's a winner at every table.
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Welcome to the healthy, flavourful World of Israeli food. Middle Eastern flavours are abound in this rich, complex world of colour and fragrance. Healthy salads, dips and stews are a harmonious blend of plant-forward recipes adored the World over. Mezze platters, zingy vegetable preparations and balanced soups and stews are just some of my favourites.

Israeli Couscous with Beetroot on a plate, scattered with micro greens and nuts.

Beetroot Couscous

A vibrant festival of pink brings not only a visual delight, but a sweet, earthy flavour like no other - learn just how simple this Israeli side dish is to create yourself at home.
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Quite possible the World’s greatest cuisine, the simplicity and single-mindedness of Italian cuisine gives us so many wonders of flavour, texture and fragrance. Pasta, pizza, salads and more – Italian food is a cornucopia of some of the most beloved dishes on the planet. Not a week goes by that I don’t fall in love with another Italian classic. Some of the most accomplished international dishes in the World come from La Dolce Vita.

A salad of peaches, burrata cheese, tomato, red onion and micro greens sits on a marble countertop

Peach & Burrata Salad

The perfect Italian summer salad is waiting! Creamy, soft burrata cheese pairs magnificently with tangy heirloom tomatoes and sweet, juicy peaches. It's a combination like no other and beautiful too. Learn how to make it at home...
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Italian Porchetta

Italian Porchetta

Soft, juicy pork, roasted to perfection with the crunchiest, crispest skin. Fennel, garlic and herbs permeate every mouthful. POrchetta is one of Italy's greatest dishes. Learn how to make it at home...
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A bowl of spaghetti in a green puree of cavolo nero cabbage

Spaghetti with Cavolo Nero & Almonds

Vibrant green pasta with Cavolo Nero cabbage and almonds is a triumph of colour and flavour. You won't quite believe how delicious it is!
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A cuisine so complex and accomplished, Japanese food is a mind boggling array of refined, reserved flavours, techniques and ingredients. Fresh, inventive and so wide ranging – my favourite cuisine for homey, comforting hugs of flavour, my favourite Japanese recipes deliver on taste and personality every time.

A Japanese pork rice bowl with chopsticks pork, spring onion, egg, radish and pickles.

Chashu Don (Japanese Pork Rice Bowl)

Fork tender sweet and salty pork belly (chashu) is spooned over a hearty bowl of Japanese rice and generously garnished with fresh radish, spring onions, pickles and a ramen-style egg. Are you ready for Chashu Don?
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A bowl of Buta Kakuni (Japanese braised pork) 

Buta Kakuni (Japanese Braised Pork)

Melting and tender pieces of pork belly, slowly stewed in a rich, umami sauce. Sticky, sweet and luxuriously tasty, Buta Kakuni is an intense hit of Japanese fragrance and flavour.
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Hospitality plays a huge part in Jordanian cuisine, shared plates that feature stews, salads, sweets and more are the cornerstone this Middle Eastern treasure.

Lamb Mansaf

Lamb Mansaf

The combination of rice, lamb, spice and nuts makes this Lamb Mansaf a treasure across the Middle East. Get the simple, authentic recipe at
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Korean food is a revelation of flavour, colour and fragrance. Jam-packed with flavour and an inventive and surprising cuisine, Korean offers some of the tastiest dishes on my menu. Hot, hearty and packed with umami goodness, Koreans love to eat and I can’t argue with that!

Fried tofu is lightly braised in Korean chilli (gochugaru) and topped with radish and spring onion

Korean Braised Tofu - Dubu-Jorim | 두부조림

Crisp and soft tofu sites in an intoxicating and vibrant chilli sauce. There's a world of flavour in this Korean Dubu Jorim recipe. Learn how...
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A plate of kimchi fried rice with a crisp fried egg on top scattered with spring onions

Kimchi Fried Rice

The alluring and addictive flavours of Korean kimchi are put to excellent use in this truly amazing rice dish. Kimchi fried rice is an institution in Korea and you really ought to take a few minutes to make a batch for yourself. You'll be in rice heaven.
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Laotian cuisine has some of the most underrated dishes on the planet. Hailing many favourites we automatically attribute to Thai or Vietnamese, Laos has a rich and fragrant heritage of unique, delicious recipes. Fragrant, spicy and packed with freshness and flavour. Light and bright, with all the personality of South East Asia in every delicious spoonful.

Ground chicken combined with Laotian aromatics and spices to a form a dry, spicy chicken salad. The platter sits on a colourful, floral tablecloth - like the kind you find in South East Asian markets.

Laotian Chicken Larb (Larb Gai)

Larb is an extraordinary salad, a national treasure of Laos and it’s not hard to see why. Ground chicken is seasoned to perfection with aromatics and spice - a fresh, zingy pop of flavour. Larb is a truly unique dish to make at home.
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A bowl of Laotian Nam Khao crispy rice salad

Laotian Nam Khao (Crispy Rice Salad)

A taste and textural senastion, this amazing rice salad from Laos is one of the highlights of South East Asian Cuisine. Wonderful crisp and flavoursome rice creates a base for fresh herbaceous elements alongside the sour fermented sausage 'Nam'. A triumph!
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Lebanon cuisine features some of my personal favourites in the World. A combination of fresh, healthy and flavourful recipes. Plant forward recipes, juicy meats and fish and delicious sweet treats, Lebanese cuisine has it all in abundance, and Lebanon likes to feed you! Expect good food, and a LOT of it.

A platter of Baba Ghanoush garnished with parsley, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds

Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush is a rich, decadent and glossy treat. Roasted eggplant takes on a wonderful smoky flavour and when combined with nutty tahini, yoghurt and lemon juice it becomes a perfect marriage of aroma.
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A small bowl of Lebanese garlic sauce, Toum

Toum (Lebanese Garlic Sauce)

The essence of garlic, Toum is a fluffy Lebanese mayonnaise that is the PERFECT accompaniment to meats, fish and vegetables. It's revered, and for good reason - learn how to make magic happen with garlic and oil.
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Officially my favourite cuisine in the World! I love everything Malaysia and Singapore has to offer. Unique, intensely flavoured curries, tangy and sweet stir fries and fresh, light soups and salads, Malaysian food has everything I need and then some.

Malaysian Curry Powder

Malaysian Curry Powder

A good Malaysian curry needs a good foundation - an authentic curry powder is essential. This recipe is as authentic as it gets - sweet and smoky with anise notes that play an essential role in creating the unique flavour and fragrance of Malaysian cuisine.
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Malaysian Fish Curry

Malaysian Fish Curry (Kari Ikan)

A wonderful, complex melding of colour, texture and flavour. Tender fish pieces in a rich, vibrant an and fragrant curry sauce - unique to Malaysia.
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A black bowl filled with Malaysian fried chicken, Ayam Goreng, garnished with red chillies and accompanied by lime wedges.

Ayam Goreng (Malaysian Fried Chicken)

Crispy spiced Ayam Goreng, Malaysian Fried Chicken has all the South East Asian fragrance and flavour you could possibly need. Sweet and spicy juicy chicken is perfection with every bite - and incredible addictive too!
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One of the Great World cuisines, the recipes of Mexico are rich in history and tradition. Always flavour forward with an exciting mix of texture, colour and fragrance. From the humble taco to the mystifyingly complex mole, there’s plenty to set your taste buds alight.

A bowl of Mexican Cilantro Rice (Green Rice) with a spoon.

Mexican Cilantro Rice (Green Rice)

Aromatic rice dishes don't get much tastier than this Mexican coriander rice. Bursting with herbal taste and aroma, it's a delightful addition to any Mexican-inspired banquet.
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A bowl of Mexican chipotle chicken

Creamy Chipotle Chicken

This Mexican dish is so simple to prepare at home. Harnessing all the flavour and colour from the amazing chipotle peppers - ready in minutes leaving its impression for hours. Learn how to make this delicious chicken treat.
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North African recipes follow a Mediterranean approach with light mezze style recipes of fruits, nuts, meats and salads. Healthy, hearty and alluringly delicious. Moroccan recipes have a familiarity while delivering a unique mysterious twist of the exotic.

A platter of blood orange salad with black olives, onion and herbs

Moroccan Blood Orange & Black Olive Salad

Tart and sweet combined with salty and herbaceous is a wonderful combination. This vibrant salad from Morocco is a triumph of flavour and colour.
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Moroccan Carrot Salad