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Hello everyone. I am ‘name of Shirley’ and I am the daughter of Lee and Brendan. Lee, my web manager, makes this blog and is very very extremely lovely. I allow him a hobby that isn’t me. He makes sure I always have food and heats it up in the magic heat box for 30 seconds because he knows cold food makes me shiver.

Here’s my profile page that my Daddy arranged so that you can get to know me better and learn all about my luxurious life. Love Shirley 👅

It’s all about me!

Name: Name of Shirley
DOB: May 2012
Place of birth: Newcastle, NSW Australia
Breed: 1/2 Maltese, 1/2 Jack Russell. (loud and energetic)
Best Character traits: I am funny, caring, licky and selfish.


Favourite food: I love Colossal Chicken Dinner by Merrick, I like all meat and chicken. I beg a lot and stare when you are eating. I love parmesan and pecorino cheese, but they make me fart so can only have them on special occasions, like Saturday nights when he cooks lovely spaghetti. I don’t like fish, or peas or carrots. Don’t try to mash them into my food. I will not eat them.

Favourite things to do: Go on walks. I love the desert, I love the water, I love going to shops. I love playing between the hours of 8-10pm – just when everyone is relaxing. I love to sleep in the bed pressed right up against my Daddy, Lee.

Friends I have: Bernie and Roscoe are nice friends of mine. And the love of my life is Henry from the park 😍.

Least favourite things to do: Having my hair brushed, having my teeth brushed but number one is going in the bath.

Things that scare me: Everything.

Things that I hate: Other dogs going near my daddies, little girls and toddlers, everything else.

Human words that I understand: She, Her, Dog, Lady, Shirley/Shirls, Walk, Food, Snack, No, Go Away, No Looking, Ball, Toy, Lee, Brendan, Bernie, Roscoe, Henry 😍.

Favourite place I’ve travelled: Congo Beach – Australia, Adaminaby – Australia, L.A., Yosemite – USA, Ensenada – Mexico (shout out to the ladies at Esetica Canina who gave me an excellent haircut!).

Fun Facts: If you say the words ‘Attacky Dog’ in a Japanese accent – I will attack you.


Leave me a message below guys! I’ll have my daddy read them to me

Shirley from