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15 Easter Lamb Recipes from Around the World

For much of the World, Easter celebrations involve eating delicious lamb dishes. From Europe to the USA, South America to Asia, lamb plays an important part of the menu. Here are 15 of my favourite lamb recipes from around the World for you to enjoy this Easter. Why do we eat Lamb at Easter? Christianity plays a part in why many countries around the WorldRead more

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25 Delicious Recipes for Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)

Celebrate the Lunar New Year 2023, year of the rabbit, with some of my most favourite recipes from all across Asia. From amazing Chinese chicken to tangy Korean tofu, spicy Thai beef and Fragrant Lao Curry and more. We'll have you hopping into 2023 in style. Lunar new year is our favourite time of year at Cook Eat World. We get to celebrate all ourRead more

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Top 10 Recipes of 2022

2022 saw us cook and eat some incredibly delicious food here at Cook Eat World. And with a big move overseas mid-way through the year, the food exploration hit new heights. It's been a year of highs, so here's to the top 10 International recipes of 2022! Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who visits us here at Cook Eat World. It's been aRead more

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We’re in Italia!

Your Content Goes Here In September we made the move from Las Vegas, Nevada to Abruzzo Italy. Find out how my blogging journey is changing to life on the road. And how Shirley the dog is adapting to her new Italian home! This year was the year of BIG changes to us here at Cook Eat World! We decided that after 7 years in the USA, Las Vegas had served us well butRead more

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The 50 Best International Recipes in the Cook Eat World

Food is the greatest! No matter where we are in the World, we're surrounded by the most amazing flavours and aromas. Join me in savouring and cooking some of my favourite international recipes, inspiring me to sample and create everything the world has to offer... Here at Cook Eat World, I dive into all the food the World has to offer - always endeavouring to experience something new, the next taste sensation. My food obsession isRead more

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We changed our name. Cook Eat World is now Cook Eat World!

We've changed our name! You know when something just wasn't quite right... and it bugged you ever such a little, but you did nothing about it? Well... For years, I've kind of been feeling that way about the name Cook Eat World. It served me well, since 2010, and seemed like such a good idea at the time. But for such a long time I didn't truly feel like a name that reflected the breadth of World cuisineRead more

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