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Trending: Italian Porchetta ⇢

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We’re in Italia!

Your Content Goes Here In September we made the move from Las Vegas, Nevada to Abruzzo Italy. Find out how my blogging journey is changing to life on the road. And how Shirley the dog is adapting to her new Italian home! This year was the year of BIG changes to us here at Cook Eat World! We decided that after 7 years in the USA, Las Vegas had served us well but Read more

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The Best Vegetarian Curry Recipes in the Cook Eat World

When meat isn’t on the menu, one of the best dishes to turn to is a tasty curry. A one-pot wonder that can satisfy on every level. Tasty, filling and packed full of fragrance and colour. Enjoy some of my best vegetarian and vegan curry recipes from around the World. At least once a month I plan a meat free curry night, usually a Thursday for Read more

The 50 Best International Recipes in the Cook Eat World

Food is the greatest! No matter where we are in the World, we're surrounded by the most amazing flavours and aromas. Join me in savouring and cooking some of my favourite international recipes, inspiring me to sample and create everything the world has to offer... Here at Cook Eat World, I dive into all the food the World has to offer - always endeavouring to experience something new, the next taste sensation. My food obsession is ever Read more

We changed our name. Cook Eat Blog is now Cook Eat World!

We've changed our name! You know when something just wasn't quite right... and it bugged you ever such a little, but you did nothing about it? Well... For years, I've kind of been feeling that way about the name Cook Eat Blog. It served me well, since 2010, and seemed like such a good idea at the time. But for such a long time I didn't truly feel like a name that reflected the breadth of World cuisine Read more

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What’s the beef? An Infographic from Cook Eat Blog.

Beef is one of the World's most loved meats - from burgers to stews, steaks to roasts our favourite meat is enjoyed everywhere from the USA to Argentina, Hungary to Thailand and everywhere in-between. Learn a few helpful and interesting facts about our favourite meat with a beef infographic from Delicious beef recipes Is beef your favourite meat? I love to cook with it, there are so many delicious dishes from around the world that feature beef! Have you tried Read more

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Top 10 Recipes of 2020

In a year that saw us all locked up at home, we made the most of a bad situation and cooked up a delicious storm. We're excited to share the Top 10 recipes from 2020 at Cook Eat Blog! 2020! What a year! Being on lockdown and generally being home ALL. THE. TIME. forced many of us into cooking every day. I've always cooked every day, so wasn't super put off by the prospect. It gave me Read more

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