Kitchen Conversions

By Published On: November 7th, 2019

Cooking conversions can be a real pain! Wherever you are in the World, there’s something to convert. Make your cooking life easier and more streamlined with my helpful printable guide to weight, temperatures more.

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Make measuring easy

Cooking conversions can be a real headache! It seems each place in the world has their way of measuring weights and temperatures and it can all become a little overwhelming. I’m sure we’ve all had our hands covered in food, trying to Google what 180ºC is in ºF or how much many lb of sugar 3kg is… having a simple, helpful guide to reference is a must. So, I’ve created a hoelpful guide to take away the pain and make converting super-easy.

Keep your cooking on track with a guide to end all confusion. Included is a printable sheet for dry weight, liquid weight, oven temps and meat cooking temps. I have mine stuck to the inside of my larder door so I can make a quick check whenever I need to. It’s a game-changer!

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Kitchen Conversions -
Kitchen Conversions -
Kitchen Conversions -

Make life easier with some simple gadgets

To measure weight, volume and temperature is essential in any kitchen. Be sure to give yourself the best chance of success with some basic, helpful gadgets to get things moving fast and accurately.

Stainless Steel Cup And Spoon measures

Cups and spoons measure

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Digital Kitchen Scales

Digital Kitchen Scales

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A kitchen thermometer

Digital Thermometer

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Universal Measuring Jug

Digital Kitchen Scales

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